LUXEON 2835 with FreshFocus Technology creates impactful lighting by accentuating the freshness and overall visual appeal of a variety of fresh food in supermarkets, delis, butcher shops and bakeries. LUXEON 2835 with FreshFocus Technology brings out reds for greater visual appeal to meat; increases the appetite appeal of bread and pastries; exhibits the most natural and attractive fish; and emphasizes the “just picked” appearance for produce (fruits and vegetables) using a common 2835 platform.

Features & Benefits

  • Spectrum engineered products with focused color points to enable the right lighting for specific merchandise and application
  • Industry standard footprint for drop-in replacement designs
  • Maximum drive current of up to 240mA allows for reduction of LED count
  • IR and UV free, which keeps the merchandise fresher longer and prevents meat discoloration
  • 3- and 5-step MacAdam ellipse color kits available

LUXEON 2835 with FreshFocus Technology product performance at 120mA, Tj=25°C.

Spectrum Luminous
Flux (lm)
Typical Luminous Efficacy (lm/W) Part Number
Minimum Typical
Produce 39 44 123 L128-PR00CA3500000
Red Meat 27 31 86 L128-RM00CA3500000
Marbled Meat 26 30 84 L128-MM00CA3500000
Fish 44 50 139 L128-FS00CA3500000
Bread 43 47 131 L128-BD00CA3500000


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