What is LUXEON Altilon SMD DT?

LUXEON Altilon SMD DT is single source, high power dual color LED SMD providing industry leading performance in Cool White and PC Amber colors. LUXEON Altilon SMD DT is a compact, robust package enabling cost effective automotive lighting solutions.

Benefits of LUXEON Altilon SMD DT:

  • Dual color LED solution with close die-to-die spacing enabling compact, flexible lamp designs and reduced system costs
  • Small form factor enables flexibility in optical and mechanical designs by lower design and manufacturing costs
  • Low thermal resistance and high operating case temperature results in simplified thermal management and smaller heatsinks
  • Advanced CSP technology provides leading performance in a cost-effective package

Key Features:

  • Dual Color LED SMD
  • High Drive Capability
  • Low Thermal Resistance
  • AEC Q102 Qualified
  • Hot Binned at 85°C


Product Color I-MAX Daytime Running Lights Front Turn Signal
LUXEON Altilon SMD DT Cool White 1.5 A X X
PC Amber 1 A


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