Our Multi Die LED Portfolio

These high-performing Multi Die LEDs are available for a wide variety of forward, rear and signal lighting applications. Their small form factor, wide flux range and enhanced thermal management features enable advanced and flexible optical lighting designs.

Benefits of our Multi Die LED Portfolio

Optimal thermal management – Low thermal resistance and high operating case temperatures allow for smaller heatsinks, efficient heat dissipation, and simplified thermal management. 

Best-in-class reliability – Advanced design, improved thermal management and high quality manufacturing standards ensure robust and highly reliable products. 

High performance LED – Luminance from a small point source and precision LED placement enables advanced optical solutions, and lower system costs. 

Small form factor – The small form factor allows for miniaturization of secondary optics, enabling flexibility in optical and mechanical designs. This helps to lower both design and manufacturing costs. 

Deep automotive experience – At the forefront of the industry for over 100 years, Lumileds is a global leader in automotive lighting technology. Using superior raw materials, and rigorous testing, all our products are manufactured to the highest standards.

Key Features

  • Optical design efficiency
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Range of power options
  • Precision optical alignment
  • Flexible board configurations
  • Lower system costs

Target applications

  • Headlighting
    • Low Beam
    • High Beam
    • Advanced Front Lighting System
    • Adaptive Driving Beam
    • Front Fog
    • Spot Light
    • Bending Light
  • High Beam Boost

Display LEDs