LUXEON 3535L Color Line

The LUXEON 3535L Color Line enables a new era of color lighting. This robust color line provides high performance and is targeted at cost effective designs. Complemented by a broad range of white offerings, the LUXEON 3535L Color Line enables RGBW applications. This product line extends the comprehensive LUXEON Color Family.

Features & Benefits

  • Industry standard package enables drop-in replacement for existing 3535 packages
  • Single die and single source architecture for optical control
  • Common focal length with LUXEON Rebel and LUXEON Z Color LEDs
  • Full color palette for a wider spectrum range
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Product performance for LUXEON 3535L Color Line at 100mA,Tj=25°C.

Note: Royal Blue measured in peak wavelength and radiometric power.

Color Dominant or Peak
Wavelength (nm)
Luminous Flux (lm) or
Radiometric Power (mW)
Part Number
Minimum Maximum Minimum Typical
RedRed 620 630 10.0 13.5 L135-R625003500000
620 630 10.0 15.0 L135-R6250R3500000
Red OrangeRed-Orange 610 620 13.0 15.5 L135-O615003500000
610 620 13.0 20.0 L135-O6150R3500000
AmberPC Amber 24.0 41.5 L135-A589003500000
Lime GreenLime 44.0 64.0 L135-L567003500000
GreenGreen 520 540 21.0 36.5 L135-G525003500000
BlueBlue 469 480 8.2 12.5 L135-B475003500000
Royal BlueRoyal Blue 440 455 130 160 L135-U450003500000


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