Color LEDs

Nearly a decade ago, Lumileds launched the LUXEON Rebel Color Line–the market-leading color LEDs that have been transforming lighting designs ever since. Today, Lumileds delivers a complete range of colors, from far red to cyan, UV and even lime and mint. With three high power color lines – LUXEON Rebel, LUXEON Z, LUXEON C – and the LUXEON 2835 and 3535L Color Line, Lumileds offers the most comprehensive family of mid and high power color LEDs with the industry’s best quality of light.

NEW – Expansion and Performance Upgrade of LUXEON C and LUXEON CZ Color Lines

The luminous flux is greater than in the previous generation: 20% up for Green; 10% up for Cyan, 5% up for Blue, while radiometric power for the Deep Red and Far Red LEDs are 20% brighter. In addition, the white color range has also been enriched to 13 white LED selections for LUXEON C and 14 white LEDs for LUXEON CZ Color Line. Both LUXEON C and LUXEON CZ have also added 90 CRI options at various CCTs.

LUXEON C and LUXEON CZ high power RGB LEDs

View the LUXEON C Color Line Datasheet

View the LUXEON CZ Color Line Datasheet

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