lip 28, 2017

Smart Packaging, Easy Choice: The New Customer-Friendly Packaging for Philips Car Bulbs

Smart packaging, easy choice: the new customer-friendly packaging for Philips car bulbs.
Smart packaging, easy choice: the new customer-friendly packaging for Philips car bulbs.

Suresnes, France – The stylish new Philips bulb packaging makes it easy customers to find, understand and compare products at a glance. Clearer, more informative packaging makes the buying decision less confusing and less daunting, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Customers want to find the right bulb easily. Now they can

When standing in front of a bulb display, customers face a dizzying number of options. But too much choice often makes decision making more difficult. Customers have to try and match the right bulb with their car and model. It’s not easy to understand what technology is best. And trying to compare bulbs, even within a brand’s range, is not a simple task. So unless you’re an experienced buyer of car bulbs (and most customers are not), the process can be confusing and frustrating.

“We know people don’t want to spend any more time than they have to searching for the right lights for their car.” Said Weena Lemoine, EMEA & LATAM Marketing Director Automotive Aftermarket. “So we’ve designed this new packaging to make it really easy for our customers to choose the best bulb for their needs,” she added. 

Buy at a glance with a clear and colorful front

The front of the packaging is both eye-catching and instantly understood:

  • Customers can quickly identify the bulb type, voltage and technology (halogen, xenon or LED)
  • Images make it clear what the light is for – headlights, interior, signaling – and for which type of vehicle
  • A star rating system makes it easy to compare product performance
  • The Original Equipment logo indicates quality
  • The products key feature is clearly highlighted
  • And the colorful packaging – in yellow, purple, green or blue – helps to identify the range.

Easy to understand and visually informative back

The back of the packaging provides customers with simple facts and visual explanations:

  • With and without photos to clearly demonstrate the product’s performance
  • Simple graphics allow easy comparisons of light performance, color temperature and product lifespan
  • And a clear explanation of the bulb’s main key feature

Customer-friendly packaging and trusted quality

The new Philips packaging makes it easy for consumers to make an informed choice. The simple, well-presented information speeds up the buying decision, saving the customer time. And that decision can now be made with superior information, ensuring they get the very best bulb for their needs.

The package also carries the Original Equipment logo, demonstrating the Philips quality. High quality lighting really makes a difference. Which is why all Philips HID Xenon bulb packaging carries a Philips Certificate of Authenticity in the form of a hologram and unique product code. This makes it easy to check whether you’ve purchased a genuine Philips product – the customer can simply visit and type in the unique code.