Our Single Die LED Portfolio

This range of high-performing single die LED products offers you a wide variety of form factors, power options, colors and enhanced thermal capabilities and best-in-class reliability. With simplified but advanced engineering, these LEDs integrate easily into your existing design and manufacturing processes, making them perfect for high volume automotive production.

Available for a wide variety of vehicle applications, Lumileds Single Die LEDs provide you with the design flexibility to cost-effectively meet the demands of modern lighting styles.

Benefits of our Single Die LED Portfolio

Manufacturing and design flexibility – The compact design of this range makes it easy to integrate LEDs. And the flux output offers greater design flexibility to meet modern style standards. 

Optimal thermal management – Low thermal resistance and high operating case temperatures allow for smaller heatsinks, efficient heat dissipation, and simplified thermal management. 

Best-in-class reliability – Advanced design, improved thermal management and high manufacturing standards ensure robust and highly reliable LED products. 

Lower system costs – The simplified yet advanced engineering ensures you can easily integrate into your existing processes, keeping manufacturing costs low, without compromising on quality. 

Deep automotive experience – At the forefront of the industry for over 100 years, Lumileds is a global leader in automotive lighting technology. Using superior raw materials, and rigorous testing, all our products are manufactured to the highest standards.

Key Features

  • Effective thermal resistance
  • Range of power options
  • Small form factor
  • Range of rich colors
  • Proven reliability and robustness

Target Applications

  • Headlighting
    • Low Beam
    • High Beam
    • Advanced Front Lighting System
    • Adaptive Driving Beam
    • Front Fog
    • Spot Light
    • Bending Light
  • High Beam Boost
  • Front Signaling
    • Daytime Running Lights (DRL, Front Position, Park)
    • Front Position Light
    • Park Light
    • Front Turn Signal
    • End-Outline Marker Lamp
  • Rear Signaling
    • Rear Fog Light
    • Rear Turn Signal
    • Hazard Light
    • Identification Light
    • End-Outline Marker Lamp
    • Stop Light
    • Tail Light
    • Back-up Light
    • Central High Mounted Stop Light
    • Emergency Stop Signal
  • Side Signaling
    • Mirror Turn
    • Side Repeater
    • Side Marker

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