High efficacy, high power solutions enable cost-effective systems

Lumileds offers a broad portfolio of LUXEON 5050 solutions to meet the needs of lighting system designers and engineers. All the multi-die LUXEON 5050 LEDs are housed in a robust, high-power LED package. Lighting manufacturers can use LUXEON 5050 LEDs to produce high luminance with a single optic, and to support highly efficient, cost-effective, directional lighting applications. Choosing a LUXEON 5050 LED offers the highest level of design flexibility. Our LUXEON XR-5050 solutions with LEDs on an MCPCB – ready to go – offers a faster time-to-market and they are supported with standard optics for easy development.

LUXEON 5050 LEDs are available with a round or square light-emitting surface, and in an HE (High Efficiency) version. Forward voltage options are 6V and 24V (round/HE), or 6V and 30V (square), offering equipment designers the flexibility to pair the LEDs with low-cost, high efficiency drivers.

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