LUXEON SunPlus CoB Line

The LUXEON SunPlus CoB Line offers ease of design and high PPF density, which is advantageous for deep penetration into the plant canopy. The Purple (12.5% Blue) provides the right amount of PPF in the blue wavelength (420-280nm) for the application, in addition to getting PPF in the red (620-670nm) wavelength. By leveraging the existing ecosystem, lighting manufacturers of horticulture fixtures can achieve fast time to market.  LUXEON SunPlus CoB Line includes three different LES sizes:  15mm, 19mm, and 32mm.

For more information, check out the Lumileds Horticulture Website and the Horticulture Lighting Calculator.

Features & Benefits

  • 115° angle for directional light distribution for greenhouse applications
  • Ideal solution for more directional horticulture applications that require a high light output and wattage
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  • Horticulture
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Product performance of LUXEON SunPlus CoB Line at specified test current, Tj=85°C.

Product Color PPF (​μmol/s) in PAR (400 to 700nm) Test Current (mA) LES (mm) Part Number
Minimum Typical
LUXEON SunPlus CoB 1208 Purple (12.5% Blue) 47.70 53.00 900 15 L2C5-SPP11208E1500
LUXEON SunPlus CoB 1211 63.90 71.00 1200 19 L2C5-SPP11211E1900
LUXEON SunPlus CoB 1825 179.10 199.00 2250 32 L2C5-SPP11825G3200
LUXEON SunPlus CoB 1825 Rose 180.00 200.00 2250 32 L2C5-SPR11825G3200


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