LUXEON HL4X is a specially designed high-power domed emitter suitable for outdoor and industrial applications like stadium lights, streetlights, and high bay luminaires.

LUXEON HL4X provides maximum lumen outputs and overall system efficacy in an industry-standard 3535 package with a 3-stripe footprint. With plenty of light coming from a small LES device and an ability to sustain high drive currents, it is perfect for cost-efficient single optic, directional fixture designs.

Features & Benefits

  • Industry standard 3535 package with a 3-stripe footprint, offers the flexibility of design and ease of use​ and enables faster design-in/time to market​
  • Meets or exceeds requirements for applications that require maximum light output, excellent efficacy, superior color consistency, and reliability you can count on, such as stadium lighting, floodlighting, etc… ​
  • Package design enables solutions to minimize energy use and generated heat​
  • Unique dome design is optimized to maximize light output within ±130° angle
  • High drive current enables output to be maximized and LED count minimized
  • Large thermal pad allows high drive currents and makes it possible to create close-packed LED clusters​
  • Full range of reliability testing, with LM-80 in progress. Peace of mind with a proven, robust package designed for outdoor and indoor/industrial use ​
  • Multiple CCT-CRI offerings (CCT:2200k-6500k / 70,80,90CRI). Offers a wide range of applications and design usage capabilities for system designers with multiple selections of CCT/CRI​
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Product performance of LUXEON HL4X at 1400mA, Tj=85°C.

Luminous Flux (lm) Typical
Efficacy (lm/W)
Part Number Datasheet
Minimum Typical
3000K -40 70 600 635 158 L1HX-3070400000000
4000K -40 70 635 675 168 L1HX-4070400000000
5000K -40 70 635 680 169 L1HX-5070400000000
5700K -40 70 635 680 169 L1HX-5770400000000
6500K -40 70 635 680 169 L1HX-6570400000000
3000K 0 80 515 550 137 L1HX-3080400000000
4000K 0 80 555 590 147 L1HX-4080400000000
5000K 0 80 565 600 149 L1HX-5080400000000
5700K 50 90 500 535 133 L1HX-5790400000000


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