mar 1, 2020

New generation Philips Ultinon Essential LED raises the bar for headlights

Stylish LED lighting that’s easy to fit!
Stylish LED lighting that’s easy to fit!

Stylish LED lighting that’s easy to fit!

Suresnes, France – Drivers looking to upgrade to LED can now choose a new generation of headlight bulb offering superior performance and durability at a pocket-friendly price. Developed by Lumileds, the latest Philips Ultinon Essential LED offers up to 50% more vision compared to the minimum legal standard for halogen bulb.

Stylish white light where it’s needed

The powerful 6,500 Kelvin light has the stylish, razor-sharp brightness only LED can bring. Precise optical design means the beam is projected where it’s needed on the road, helping drivers spot obstacles or road signs sooner and react faster without dazzling oncoming vehicles. Adjustable connector rings included with the new Philips Ultinon Essential LED ensure correct bulb positioning in the headlamp unit for optimal performance. It all adds up to seeing and being seen more effectively, keeping everyone safer on the road.

Superior durability with dual heat dissipation

Dealing with heat is critical to the performance of LED lights. Philips Ultinon Essential LED uses dual heat-management technology to cool the bulb, enabling it to function at peak efficiency. An in-built fan provides active cooling, while the aluminum heatsink with its large radiating area further dissipates heat by maximizing airflow. Inferior quality LEDs often struggle to handle the build-up of heat and consequently lose brightness or fail completely. Philips Ultinon Essential LED can perform at its highest level of brightness for a longer period of time.

The particular build of these lamps allows heat to escape quickly, so they always perform at the optimal brightness level,” said Swati Singh, LED Product Manager. “They also last longer, so you won’t have to replace them as often.”

Compact design for plug-and-play use

Featuring an all-new design that integrates the driver-box electronics into the bulb body, Philips Ultinon Essential LED presents a compact footprint that fits a wide range of car models. Even the smallest headlamps have space for these bulbs. Installation is quick and easy for professional mechanics. The ability to work with both 12- or 24-volt electrical systems adds to Philips Ultinon Essential LED’s versatility, making it compatible with most types of car.

Precise beam pattern for increased safety

Thanks to the precise optical design of Philips Ultinon Essential LED, the light will be projected just where you need it on the road. Not only will you be able to spot obstacles faster and drive with more confidence, you’ll avoid blinding other drivers with dangerous glare – making everyone on the road safer.

For a sharp beam, it’s also important that the bulb is correctly positioned in your headlamp,” added Swati Singh.

Philips Ultinon Essential LEDbulbs are available in headlight LED-HL [≈H1], [≈H3], [≈H4], [≈H7], [≈H11], [≈HB3/HB4], [≈HIR2, and LED-FOG [≈H8/H11/H16].

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