As we strive every day to make the world safer with innovative lighting solutions, we also work tirelessly to ensure that our employees have a safe, secure, and healthy place to work.

We aim to foster an injury prevention culture where employees, managers, and leadership have the courage to act on “potential” injuries before they occur. To support these ambitions, we conduct risk assessments, host safety trainings, oversee safety improvement programs, and make ongoing adjustments to processes and operations. All of our efforts are supported by the OHSAS 18001-certified Lumileds Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

To support the health and wellbeing of employees, our sites around the world manage a range of initiatives that include:

  • Health talks by experts on topics such as women’s health, better sleep, ergonomics, and stress management
  • Periodic health-checks
  • Workplace investments to improve indoor air quality

Lumileds performed a total of 13,216 injury prevention actions in 2017 including:

  • 6,908 at-risk behavior observations with feedback provided
  • 4,755 at-risk workplace conditions observed and addressed
  • 1,553 near misses reported and actions taken


In 2017, Lumileds total number of recordable injury cases decreased to 0.42, from 0.44 in 2016. Our total number of lost workday injury cases also decreased to 0.18, compared to 0.32 in 2016. * With these improvements, our safety performance is on-track to meet our 2020 goals.


Reduce lost workday injury cases to 0.15*

On Track

*Percentages are based on cases per 100 full time equivalent employees (FTE)

Case Study:
Changing Behaviors for a Safer Workplace


The majority of occupational injuries have their origins in at-risk and unsafe behaviors. To address this, we work to reinforce a company-wide culture where everyone is responsible to proactively identify, address and reduce unsafe actions. To support this, Lumileds created Behavior Based Safety (BBS) programs that foster positive safety behaviors. In 2017, each of our sites implemented several BBS initiatives including the following:

  • In Pabianice, Poland, Lumileds launched a Safe Workplace Initiative focused on monitoring positive employee behaviors. For the first time, Pabianice had zero accidents in 2017.
  • In Penang, Malaysia, Lumileds led a Zero Accident Program that included trainings, exhibitions, and quizzes. Penang saw a 51 percent decrease in their lost workday case rate in 2017.
  • In San Jose, US, Lumileds hosted safety trainings for all supervisors across the site. San Jose saw a 79 decrease in their lost workday case rate in 2017.

Behavior Based Safety observations create a culture where employees openly look out for themselves and each other and discuss how to do their jobs more safely.