As core values at Lumileds, Ethics and Integrity guide how we conduct our business every day.

We are committed to managing our business responsibly, which means acting with integrity and complying with all laws and regulations where we operate.

Adherence to these values starts internally with our people, whose actions are guided by the Lumileds Global Code of Ethics. It also extends externally to our supply chain where we set strict standards for the suppliers that we work with.

Responsible Supply Chain

Learn more about how we advance ethics and integrity in our supply chain.

Responsible Supply Chain

Global Code of Ethics

Lumileds Global Code of Ethics serves as an ethics guide for employees and stakeholders and supports adherence to laws, regulations and our global values. In 2017, Lumileds trained all employees in the Code and hosted subject matter trainings on topics including honoring integrity, protecting Lumileds assets, and taking responsibility and care for our planet and people. The Code has been translated into multiple languages and is integrated into mandatory new hire trainings. All employees are required to take an annual refresher course in addition to subject matter–specific trainings for qualified employees.

Case Study:
Communicating the Code


In 2017, Lumileds launched our Global Code of Ethics via a company-wide communication campaign. To support this initiative, Lumileds created a CEO video, hosted eLearning sessions and promoted the Code on posters throughout company offices. Lumileds Local Compliance Officers also hosted classroom trainings and townhall sessions for all direct labor employees.

To provide employees with a confidential means for reporting violations of the Global Code of Ethics in addition to corporate policies, laws and regulations, Lumileds launched the Lumileds Speak Up Helpline in 2017. The helpline allows employees to confidentially report any concerns in their own language, without undue delay or fear of retaliation. Lumileds ensures that all claims are investigated with the utmost care and confidentiality and addressed using the Lumileds Investigation Protocol.