sie 22, 2022

And Now, the First Road-legal H4-LED Headlight Bulb for Retrofitting Halogen!

Road-legal Philips Ultinon Pro6001 LED range extension in France

Suresnes, France – August 22nd,2022 – Lumileds today advances automotive lighting and improves road safety with the launch of the first road-legal H4-LED in France, from its Philips Ultinon Pro6001 LED retrofit range. This is a range extension to the H4-LED that was approved in France in March 2022. The new Philips Ultinon Pro6001 H4-LED bulb delivers up to 230% brighter light[1], and its plug-and play-design allows DIY’ers and mechanics to install it on their own. 

Safe road-legal H4-LED for French drivers

Designing a safe, road-legal H4-LED to retrofit halogen high and low beam in the same bulb, within regulations, was a technical challenge.

The homologation certificate for our Philips Ultinon Pro6001 LED-H4 was granted in accordance with the national regulation issued by the French authorities. It enables the use of LED retrofit bulbs in selected vehicle models[2]. This regulation aims to improve safety for public roads and road-users, providing strict criteria[3] for the installation and performance of H4-LED bulbs in vehicles.

A comprehensive and demanding test program confirmed the new Philips Ultinon Pro6001 LED-H7’s advanced capabilities and safety, enabling homologation by the French authorities. French drivers must keep the certificate provided on the Philips website in the vehicle, at all times. Also, the sticker provided in the Philips pack should be stuck near the headlight unit, inside the engine compartment.

These premium Philips LED bulbs improve safety by boosting visibility and delivering a perfect beam pattern that illuminates the road ahead without dazzling other road users.

We believe that the only way to develop a road-legal bulb is to focus on safety: the safety of drivers, passengers, cyclists, pedestrians, and anyone else using the roadways,” Jacques Le Berre, Director Business Line Lamps & LED upgrades at Lumileds. “We will continue to provide ever-increasing coverage of the car marques and models available in France”, he added.

Up to 230% brighter light for both performance and style

Once fitted, the Philips Ultinon Pro6001 H4-LED provides up to 230% brighter light compared to the minimum legal standard for halogen bulbs. That light comes courtesy of the advance Lumileds LUXEON Altilon LEDs – the same LEDs used by automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Its cool white beam with a stylish color temperature of up to 5800 Kelvin – the same color temperature used by Original Equipment Manufacturers – provides a comfortable driving experience and reduces strain on the eyes.

The Philips Ultinon Pro6001 H4-LED also features greater durability with up to 3,000 hours’ lifetime. Advanced AirBoost technology and a built-in fan for active cooling contribute to long-lasting reliability.

Plug-and-play installation from best-in-class design

Drivers can now convert their halogen headlamps to the brighter, approved light of Philips Ultinon Pro6001 H4-LED on a wide range of car models[4].

Thanks to its brand-new, one-piece design, this bulb fits easily into existing headlamp units. Integrated electronics ensure a compact footprint, making installation easy for DIYers or mechanics even where space is tight – just plug and play.

Renowned quality and enhanced safety

Technologically advanced Philips automotive lighting is renowned in the automotive industry and has been for over 100 years. The Philips Automotive Grade Quality products are designed and developed following strict quality control processes (including applicable ISO norms), leading to consistently high production standards.

Philips Ultinon Pro6001 LED range in France is available in the most common headlight bulb types, H4-LED and H7-LED.

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[1] Compared to the legal minimum for halogen bulbs.

[2] The full list of compatible car models is available at

[3] UNECE R112 applies for low and high beam functions.

[4] The full list of compatible car models can be found on:  

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